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  • Magpul® MS3® Single QD Sling GEN2 - Black Magpul® MS3® Single QD Sling GEN2 - Black 2 Magpul® MS3® Single QD Sling GEN2 - Black 3

    Magpul® MS3® Single QD Sling GEN2 - Black

    A rugged single-point and two-point sling, made in the USA. A sling is a functional piece of equipment that should allow you to come to a quick high-ready to assist with some well-placed shots. Magpul is well aware of this. That's why the Gen 2 MS3®...

38 of 38 Items

High-speed, low-priced AR-15 accessories.

The rifle makes the shooter, and accessories make the rifle. With how easily customizable the AR platform is, it makes sense to improve your shot game by investing in something like Magpul's B.A.D. Lever - it makes racking the bolt even easier, compared to that small bolt catch release. Want to roll with more mags ready to go? Check out the MagLink Coupler. It pairs up two 30- or 40-rounders side by side, making magazine changes almost instantaneous. 

Convert to a pistol caliber with the 9mm Conversion Block

Although we offer AR9 build kits for 9mm AR builds, some shooters prefer swapping their existing rifle or pistol with a 9mm upper, while keeping their lower receiver mostly stock. If that sounds like you, check out Sylvan Arms' AR-15-to-9mm conversion block: The GCB100. It easily snaps into your 5.56/.223's receiver and includes a new ejector so you can throw in your favorite Glock magazines and a barreled 9mm upper. No other modifications are required for your lower receiver!

Grab a proper AR rifle case

Sure, your AR-15 can take a lot of abuse - but why ruin your receivers and handguard by throwing it around? We offer what we humbly think is one of the best, lowest-priced AR-15 rifle cases. It's a rugged, weather- and water-resistant hard case with pre-scored foam for securing your rifle or pistol, magazines, and any accessories. Large locking latches provide some extra security in transport, keeping your AR safe and secure.

Latch Plates and Sling Mounts for Easy Carry

Often, new AR owners overlook the importance of good sling mounts. You'll quickly find you want at least a one-point sling to host your rifle at the range or while you're on the move on a game trail. We've got a collection of quality, lightweight QD and Picatinny/M-LOK sling mounts that work with just about every rifle or pistol configuration. Grab the UTG Sling and Latch Plate Mount Combo for an easy, all-in-one setup.


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