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    AR-15 Fully Stripped Upper Receiver

    This stripped upper receiver is made from 7075-T6 aluminum and conforms to all mil-spec measurements. Being the A3 type, it also features a "flat top." This means instead of the old-school carry handle that the A2 style used to have, you get a...

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    Now: $52.99
  • AR10/AR15 Carbine Length Gas Tube

    AR10/AR15 Carbine Length Gas Tube

    If you want your AR-15, LR-308, or AR-10 to cycle ammo reliably, it needs a quality gas tube. This gas tube is compatible with all AR-type rifles and pistols configured with a carbine-length gas system. Use this instructional guide for installing your...

  • UTG® Quick Install Dust Cover -  .223/5.56,  Black UTG® Quick Install Dust Cover -  .223/5.56,  Black 2 UTG® Quick Install Dust Cover -  .223/5.56,  Black 3 UTG® Quick Install Dust Cover -  .223/5.56,  Black 4 UTG® Quick Install Dust Cover -  .223/5.56,  Black 5

    UTG® Quick Install Dust Cover - .223/5.56, Black

    Installing a dust cover onto your AR's upper receiver can be a major hassle. If you're starting with just individual parts, you need to snap the C-clamp onto the rod without launching the damned thing across the room and never seeing it again. Then you...

  • AR15 Low-Profile Gas Block - .750" AR15 Low-Profile Gas Block - .750" 2 AR15 Low-Profile Gas Block - .750" 3

    AR15 Low-Profile Gas Block - .750"

    Every gas-operated AR (those that don't use a piston system) uses a gas block of some type to cycle between shots. If you're building one of those old-school or retro style AR, yours may have a fixed front sight that doubles as the gas block or some...

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Mil-spec, forged, stripped upper receivers for your custom AR build.

Ready to custom-build your first, or next upper? Grab one of our affordable, mil-spec stripped receivers. We work hard to keep prices low on every unit without sacrificing quality. Each stripped upper is manufactured in the USA and properly forged, cut, stamped and and threaded for easy assembly. We've also got the necessary components to install your new barrel.

What is a Stripped Upper Receiver?

M4 clones are cool, but the new low-profile gas block design is where you'll enjoy real performance. Coupled with a lightweight free-float handguard (which includes your barrel nut!), piecing together your upper receiver is easy and requires just basic gunsmithing tools. Our available gas blocks work with virtually any handguard or rail on the market, and each includes the necessary pins for seating it on your barrel.

Ready to assemble your upper, barrel, and handguard? Use our instructional guide!

Compatible with Virtually All Stripped Lowers

Our stripped uppers work with any standard AR-type lower receiver (that means any retail-bought stripped lower, or fabricated 80% lower) configured for the typical 5.56/.223 profile. That also means our upper receivers work with any builds chambered in 9mm, 300 Blackout, .224, 6.5 Grendel, and more

Don't Forget The Gunsmithing Tools!

Assembling your upper requires a torque wrench, barrel nut wrench or adapter, and some roll pin punches with the appropriate gunsmithing hammer. We've got all the tools required for completing your assembly, available right here.

Your custom upper awaits.

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