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  • JMT Single Stage Drop-In 3.5-4 Ib Trigger - Saber JMT Single Stage Drop-In 3.5-4 Ib Trigger - Saber 2 JMT Single Stage Drop-In 3.5-4 Ib Trigger - Saber 3 JMT Single Stage Drop-In 3.5-4 Ib Trigger - Saber 4

    JMT Single Stage Drop-In 3.5-4 Ib Trigger - Saber

    If you're wanting a simple and effective upgrade to your AR to get you into that better-than-mil-spec territory with your trigger, then stop here and read this. You need to check out the Saber. It's JMT's Single Stage Drop-In 3.5-4 lb Trigger, and it'll...

  • RA LE145 Tactical Drop-In Trigger RA LE145 Tactical Drop-In Trigger

    RA LE145 Tactical Drop-In Trigger

    If you're the operator, LEO, or hunter that needs one of the most upgraded and dependable triggers available, the LE145 Tactical Trigger from Rise Armament should be your top choice. This drop-in, single-stage trigger maintains a slightly more robust 4...

  • Drop-In Trigger - RA-140 Super Sporting Drop-In Trigger - RA-140 Super Sporting

    Drop-In Trigger - RA-140 Super Sporting

    "Man, I wish I had a kickass trigger for my AR, that didn't cost half what the entire rifle was worth." Ever thought this? Well stop wishing, and check out the RA-140 Super Sporting Trigger Assembly by Rise Armament. Use this step-by-step guide to...

  • ACT Advanced Combat Trigger by ALG Defense

    ACT Advanced Combat Trigger by ALG Defense

    Got an preference for AR builds reminiscent of those from a previous era? We do too. But like us, you're probably just not a fan of the mil-spec trigger. It's gritty and has a rough pull, and it generally feels like crap. But there's a way to keep that...

  • QMS Quality Mil-Spec Trigger by ALG Defense

    ALG Defense QMS Quality Mil-Spec Trigger

    There are some who prefer their AR platform rifles traditional or built as close to mil-spec as possible. They enjoy replicas of the Colt model 629 or of the old-school M-16, because they want that nostalgia when they shoot. But there's one problem: the...

  • Bravo Company AR-15 Trigger Assembly - PNT, Nickel

    Bravo Company AR-15 Trigger Assembly - PNT, Nickel

    It's time to get in the game with your AR's trigger. Two words: Bravo Company. And this is their PNT Trigger Assembly. Yeah, it's been given a nickel finish, but it doesn't stop there. The interacting surfaces of its parts have also been coated in...

  • Single Stage Drop-In Trigger Single Stage Drop-In Trigger-2 Single Stage Drop-In Trigger-3 Single Stage Drop-In Trigger-4 Single Stage Drop-In Trigger-5

    Single Stage Drop-In Trigger

    The trigger or "fire control group" as it's officially called, is one of your AR's most basic parts. And sure, there are a ton of flavors out there from who knows how many brands ironically with several takes on what constitutes "mil-spec" that will all...

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Performance-grade AR triggers that drop in for instant, better accuracy.

If you're ready to take your AR build to the next level, the first thing you should upgrade is that mil-spec trigger. While it provides consistent performance, its take-up, creep, and over-travel often leave more to be desired. It makes sense to upgrade that factory trigger while you install your lower parts kit for the first time. Drop-in triggers are preassembled and literally "drop in" to the receiver using factory pins if pins are not provided.

Why a Drop-in Trigger Upgrade?

The factory AR trigger can feel a loose gritty and loose. This often means less-than-ideal shot placement and poorer accuracy than is possible with that shiny, new upper assembly. Drop-in triggers take just a few minutes to install. If you're building your lower for the first time, a drop-in trigger makes assembly easier: The hammer, trigger, disconnect, and sear are built into the trigger housing. All you do is seat it and pin it!

Triggers from PSA, ALG, Rise Armament, Bravo Co., and More

We've worked closely with top AR parts makers to provide the best "bang for your buck" (literally) when it comes to a decent AR trigger. With options like PSA's custom Match Trigger, Rise Armament's LE Series, and Bravo Company's nickel trigger assemblies, you'll find something that fits your receiver's needs without burning a hole in your wallet.

"How do I install my new trigger?"

Installing a drop-in trigger is easier than assembling your factory lower parts kit's included hammer and trigger. If you're about to finish your new lower, give it a pause and grab your upgraded trigger from the options above. If you've already installed your LPK and want to upgrade even still, simply remove your existing hammer and trigger pins, then remove all components that come loose. Drop your new trigger in, and replace your pins. Easy.

Need help? Follow our lower parts kit install guide!

AR Lower and Trigger Compatibility

The drop-in triggers listed on this page are compatible with virtually all stripped AR lower receivers and fabricated aluminum or polymer 80% lowers, including 9mm, .308, and 6.5mm builds.

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