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    SIG SAUER® Compatible Slide - P320, Black Cerakote SIG SAUER® Compatible Slide - P320, Black Cerakote 2 SIG SAUER® Compatible Slide - P320, Black Cerakote 3 SIG SAUER® Compatible Slide - P320, Black Cerakote 4 SIG SAUER® Compatible Slide - P320, Black Cerakote-5

    SIG SAUER® Compatible Slide - P320, Black Cerakote

    The P320 by Sig Sauer® is an extremely adaptable sidearm. It can be nearly any size of pistol you need it to be due to its ability to change out its frames, or its "grip modules." This unique feature makes it easy to understand why so many people...

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Optic-cut P320 slides for an easy, high-speed upgrade.

The P320 can dish out some serious accuracy and performance. It deserves to be complemented with a high-quality slide that provides the best possible optic and iron setup. We've sourced just the slide options to suit that purpose. Sporting tough Cerakote and Trijicon RMR cuts, our P320 slides work with factory handguns and MUP-1 80% units fabricated by you.

Machined from 416R Stainless

The 416R Crucible stainless alloy was designed for extreme use in firearms. It's most often used to produce forged barrels, but it provides a rugged medium for any quality slide. The available slides we sell are machined from 416R and coated with heat-treated Cerakote. Together, this configuration provides arguably the greatest resistance to heat and corrosion in any environment.

Pre-Cut for Easy RMR Installation

Trijicon makes some of the most popular and reliable micro red dots for handguns. That's why we opted to sell P320 slides with pre-cut RMR optic mounts to make upgrading your P320 even easier. 

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