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Mil-spec, 4150 CMV-forged barrels for superior barrel life and accuracy.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's why we've stuck with offering the tried n' true M4-type/Government-profile AR-15 barrel, professionally forged and cut-rifled from proper, heat-treated 4150 CMV gun steel. Sporting the minimum legal length of 16", this barrel meets the requirements for building your own AR-15 rifle at home without the need to file any NFA paperwork (military-issued M4s sport a 14.5" barrel).

Confused about barrel steel? Read our complete guide to AR-15 barrels.

All Our Barrels Are Made from CMV or 416R Stainless

"Cheap" barrels are often forged from softer 4140 steel, while typical commercial barrels are made from standard 4150. Real, mil-spec barrel steel (properly called "CMV" or Chomoly Vanadium) provides additional hardness and protection against wear from high heat and rapid fire, without sacrificing accuracy or range. 

All stainless barrels and barreled uppers and kits we sell are exclusively forged from 416R Crucible stainless, a proprietary barrel steel designed for incredible precision in all hot- and cold-weather environments. These match-grade barrels are capable of providing sub-MOA accuracy in a compact platform. 

Phosphated, Nitrided and Chrome-Lined for Corrosion and Wear

All carbon steel barrels are phosphate-coated or nitride-treated to protect against corrosion, rust, and external wear, just as any mil-spec, issued barrel is coated. Each carbon barrel is chrome-lined to further protect against heat and rifling wear, greatly enhancing barrel life without sacrificing accuracy downrange. Our stainless barrels (found on available barreled upper assemblies) are made from 416R Crucible stainless, a superior alloy that provides easy cleaning, incredible wear resistance, and high accuracy. Pair your barrel up with a quality, free-float handguard (barrel nut included!) with a stripped upper and you're ready to build.

Ready to assemble? Here's how to install your new barrel, gas, and handguard.


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