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36 of 52 Items

Your #1 source for all quality, mil-spec AR upper parts.

Piecing together a custom, precision-capable AR upper is one of the fun parts of becoming an AR-15 owner. We've got all the components you need to make that happen: From M4-type barrels to F/A bolt carriers, from lightweight handguards to oversized charge handles, you'll find everything you need to assemble any 5.56, .223, or other caliber upper assembly to pair with your new or existing lower.

Pre-Built Uppers, Stripped Receivers, Barrels, Handguards & More!

Whatever you need to start or finish your AR's upper assembly, we've got it all: Lightweight, free-float handguards. M4-profile 4150 barrels. Gas tubes and low-profile gas blocks. M16-profile, .308, and 9mm bolt carrier groups. Charging handles. You name it, you need it, grab it here. All parts we sell for AR uppers are made in the USA and are forged, machined, and coated to mil-spec standards or better.

Improve Accuracy With a Free-Float Handguard

Two-piece handguards are cheap and effective, but they can hinder accuracy -- especially if you're rocking one of those old-school "FSB" front sight posts. It's time to upgrade to a proper, low-profile gas block and a quality, one-piece, free-float handguard. You'll shed some serious weight and free up your barrel from carrying the load, resulting in better accuracy.

Plus, you'll get to enjoy the M-LOK rail system, which also reduces weight and provides better ergonomics than the typical Picatinny quad rail. Each of our free-float guards are custom-made, sporting a hardcoat anodized finish and weighing one pound or less! Barrel nuts are included for an easy installation.

Build Your Custom AR Upper From Scratch

Want to make a true, one-off upper assembly that's designed and built to your exact specifications? Do it yourself, it's easier (and more affordable) than you think: We've got quality mil-spec, M4-type stripped upper receivers available, plus quality 4150 CMV barrels. Grab a BCG and charging handle, pair it up with one of those nice new handguards, and you're ready.


Follow our guide to install your AR-15 barrel, gas system, and handguard!

Finish Your Build With a Compensator, Brake, or Flash Hider

Virtually every AR barrel comes with standard 1/2x28 pitch or 5/8x24 pitch threads, so it only makes sense to finish (or upgrade) your AR's upper with a quality muzzle device that reduces felt recoil and improves control. Whether you're gunning for the traditional "bird cage" flash hider or you want to throw some flames and tighten up your groups with a proper brake or comp, we've got you covered.

Your custom AR upper awaits.

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