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Bore Boss Ultra-Compact Bore Cleaning System for .40/.41 by Real Avid

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At this point, you've heard of the Bore-Snake. It's a rope-like cleaning tool you run through your gun's bore with metal brushes woven into its length and with a weight on its lead end. The trouble with the Bore-Snake though is that to keep it from eventually getting frayed and falling apart, you have to wind, fold, or otherwise make it compact and storable again after you use it. Kind of tedious.

Real Avid has used their ingenuity once again and created the Bore Boss Ultra-Compact Bore Cleaning System. This one is for .40 and .41 caliber firearms. The Bore Boss Ultra-Compact Cleaning System is a better, more convenient way to keep the bore of your rifle clean and basically operates itself. It's a self-storing bore-cleaning cable with integrated phosphor bronze brush and braided mop you run through your rifle's barrel. It's simple to use, and it winds itself back up as you go. Then all you need to do it simply stow it, and you're good. Simple. Fast. Convenient. See below for more info.

Additional Features:

  • Integrated Phosphor Bronze Brush
  • Braided Mop
  • Single Piece Cable
  • Compact & Easy to Store

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