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Plano Pro-Max® Single Scoped Rifle Case

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Affordable locking protection for your scoped rifles.

Throwing a gun sock on your rifle (with a scope that costs as much as the rifle) and calling it a day ain’t gonna cut it. Pulling your shooter out of the trunk to find a crushed turret is going to make for a very short range day. Save your cash instead and pick up an affordable Pro-Pax Single Scoped Rifle Case from Plano. You already know the name - need we say more?

Okay, we will. Plano is one of the biggest names in the rifle case game for a reason. It’s their cases like the Pro-Max that keep shooters happy (and expensive glass protected) without denting the wallet. This case is affordable, but it’s not cheap. It’s sturdy thanks to “PillarLock” crushproof reinforcements, and it locks for easy security. The padding is dense, so you can throw it around without worrying about your piece inside.

Additional Specs

  • Interior Dimensions: 52”L x 3.75”W x 10.25”H
  • Exterior Dimensions: 52”L x 3.75”W x 10.25”H
  • Thick-walled construction
  • Molded, heavy-duty handle
  • Extra room for accessories and gear
  • Four latches with (2) padlock corner tabs

Plano Pro-Max Scoped Rifle Case Review

The Pro-Max Case is constructed just like all of Plano's other cases. It's fabricated from injection-molded, high-strength polymer that sports a black finish. Each lid is made from a single piece of poly, with a reinforced hinge section pairing the two halves via stainless steel pins. The four recessed points visible on the exterior of the shell are pillars that protrude into the case (they don't inhibit weapon storage).

These pillars act as anti-crush points, allowing the case to handle some extra weight without deforming or damaging your rifle inside. Plano calls this their PillarLock system, and we found it works quite well for adding strength while keeping overall weight down.

Handle & Latches

We found the handle to be comfortable enough. Even though it's not rubberized or coated with any "soft bits," it's still a good anchor. There aren't any sharp edges or left-over seams from the cases' manufacturing, so it won't dig into your hand when you've got a bit of weight in there.

The latches get the job done well enough, too. They're made from plastic, which means no smacking 'em with a hammer or abusing them if they don't cooperate. But they have a nice, positive click to open and close and they can handle a fair bit of weight, too. Combined with the PillarLocks, the entire case feels solid once you cinch it up.

Storage & Security

The Pro-Max does a good job with satisfying short- and long-term rifle storage. The appeal of this particular hard case is its relatively svelte size: Measuring 10.5" wide and about 5" deep, it's a lot more compact than most other rifle cases. It fits in trunks and safes more easily than larger tactical cases. The large spine supporting the lid hinges also acts as a vertical brace, so it can stand upright. You'll see the three padlock tabs for security: Two flank each corner opposite the hinges, and one resides in the center, just underneath the handle. Having all three lock points spaced in this manner prevents the lid from being pried or bent, which is a nice design choice.

Interior Storage & Foam

Inside the Pro-Max lies plenty of egg-crate foam for keeping your long rifle safe. We would've liked to see some pluck-cube foam to help secure your rifle better, but this foam does well for keeping things secure and cushioned. You can see the PillarLock system on each half of the case, and where they each meet and click together to help keep the case rigid and secure under weight. You can also see the four stainless steel pins securing the lids together. It's a pretty simple but effective storage situation inside, providing ample space for the typical bolt gun.

Overall Impressions

The Plano Pro-Max makes for a good, compact, relatively lightweight rifle case. It's certainly not a Pelican that can withstand a grenade blast, but then again, it also doesn't cost $400. In fact, it comes in just under $50, which makes it one of the most affordable hard cases we've seen for long guns over 42". Its size and weight make it a perfect companion for hunters and bench shooters who want to travel light.


Q: Will the Pro-Max Case fit a rifle?

A: Yes, but you'll probably need to separate the upper and lower receivers to accommodate your rifle. You'll also need to remove your magazine from the lower's mag well Some might find this a minor inconvenience, but nonetheless, it'll work. Where the Pro-Max lacks in height, it makes up for it in length, so your upper and lower receivers can easily rest beside each other with some room to spare. At 52" in length, this rifle case is designed for scoped bolt guns with relatively thin actions and long barrels, after all.

Q: What rifle is shown in the case in this review?

A: That is a Ruger M77/44, which a barrel length of 18.5" and an overall length of 38.5". It's configured with a typical 30mm variable-power scope and scope rings measuring approximately 1" high from the receiver.

Q: How wide is the case underneath the handle?

A: There is a slight indent where the handle is recessed into the case. At this area, the case measures approximately 9.5" wide, and approximately 10.3" wide on either side, before tapering toward the edges.

Q: Is this rifle case waterproof or water-resistant?

A: No. It does not have any sort of O-ring around the lid nor a pressure equalization valve to speak of. If you leave it out in a light rain, your rifle and items inside will probably be okay, but this case is not generally designed for wet-weather environments.

Q: Is this rifle case TSA-approved for air travel?

A: It meets the basic definitions and guidelines the ATF requires for air travel. To ensure it is safe, though, you will want to ensure all padlock locations are secured with locks. This guide covers how to fly with a firearm.

Q: Can the PillarLocks be removed to make more room?

A: No. The PillerLocks are not separate from the case itself. They are molded into the case's lids during manufacture to provide additional strength and rigidity.

Q: What kind of locks should I use with the Pro-Max?

A: The Pro-Max will accommodate any standard combination or keyed padlock with 9/32" (7mm) shackles.

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