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Customer Service

We get it, every website you shop at or visit says their #1 goal is customer service. Mostly, this ends up being lip-service and endless hold music when you actually need help. We will not treat you like this at You're buying important tools and parts. You're building your favorite guns with your Second Amendment passion. We're here to make sure that happens. We want to give you have the tools, information, and a real, positive experience with the help you need to get the job done.

Everything gets a Lifetime Warranty

And we mean everything. Whether it's Armorer's Wrench, a jig, an 80% lower, or a complete build kit, all the parts and kits we sell get a no-questions-asked Lifetime Warranty on craftsmanship and quality. If you ever buy anything from us and it's broken or doesn't work at no fault of your own, we'll take it back. Even if you start building an 80% lower and find it's not fabricated correctly or is defective, we'll replace it. We'll give you a new part or we'll give you all your money back. It's that simple. You can find our full shipping, return & refund policy here, or just call us.

If you want to process a refund, return or exchange, visit our Self-Service Returns Center to initiate the process by clicking here: Self Service Return Center.

Need help? Have questions?

We're available to help. We love building black rifles and pistols just like you. Some of our team members have completed quite a few 80 lower builds, and others have built custom ARs from scratch. If you have questions about parts, installations, or picking the right products, get in touch with us. We'll do our best to offer the right recommendations based on your build and preferences. If we don't know the answer, we'll do our best to find the research and answers you need.

We are a national retailer of individual components and not all products depicted on this website are legal in every state. Shipping of various products found on this website are prohibited to some states (such as California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington). The information, pictures, text or products presented on this website are not a representation by us, and should not be understood by you, that any product or completed firearm is legal to assemble or own in your state of residence. We encourage each and every builder to perform their own research about the state and federal laws that apply to them. It is your responsibility to understand the law and we encourage you to consult with an attorney or your local ATF representative.