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Savior Equipment® Fiddle Master Hard Case (30")

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Show the devil that the fiddle ain't the only thing your best at and send him packing out of Georgia. The Savior Equipment® Fiddle Master 30" Hard Case provides excellent protection for any of your firearms 30" or less overall length in unique and discreet design. It features a soft, rubberized internal shell that protects your firearm from scratches or blemishes as well as a pair of hook and loop straps. The case also includes locking latches, which makes this case TSA approved, and with its tough-as-nails shell, you won't have to worry about any damages.


  • Discreet violin case design
  • Fits firearms up to 30.5"
  • Rubberized internal shell
  • Weather-resisitant lid O-ring
  • 2x adjustable tie-down Velcro straps
  • TSA-approved locking latches (w/ keys)
  • Additional padlock holes for extra security
  • Interior Dimensions: 30.5"L x 12.5"W (base) x 8.5"W (shoulders)

Fiddle Master: Staff Review

Given this case's relatively small, squat profile, we figured it'd be best suited for holding pistol-grip shotguns and SBRs. So, that's exactly what used it for. 

With a pistol-gripped Mossberg 500 resting inside, there's plenty of room for extra gear. Boxes of shot shells, eye and ear pro, and other shooting gear has ample room for storage inside some small range bags.

We were also able to fit a 10.5"-barreled AR-15 SBR, sporting a more vertical pistol grip and relatively tall Trijicon ACOG optic. The grip and optic just barely fit, with the elevation turret on the ACOG resting against the inside of the case liner. 

AR-type rifles or pistols equipped with an "OEM"-style pistol grip (with a less vertical orientation) and shorter optics should have no issue being stored inside the Fiddle Master. There's also still room for extra magazines, ammo, and the typical range safety equipment you'll need for a day of shooting.

Savior Equipment provides two large Velcro straps for securing your rifle or shotgun. The rubberized liner inside provides various strap brackets to help ensure your firearm of choice is strapped adequately near the muzzle and stock, grip, or brace.

If the basic plastic liner and straps don't suit your storage needs, you can remove the liner by loosening the button-capped screws securing it. Fiddle Master doesn't provide any pluck or egg-crate foam shaped for this particular gun case, but it's a relatively simple matter to buy some, shape and cut it, and fill the case to your needs.

Maximum internal storage length, as measured, is just barely over 30.5". Maximum width at the base of the case measures just over 12.5", and maximum width at the shoulders of the case is approximately 8.5".

The Fiddle Master comes equipped with various locking options: Two latches on the lid use key-and-tumbler locks, with two padlock holes provided for extra security.

The rest of the case's lid is secured via spring-loaded locks. They provide adequate clamping pressure with solid, tactile clicks upon opening and closing.

The case's stainless steel lid pins are captured by injection-molded polymer. Reinforcements are molded into either side of the pins' housings, which provide footing for the case to rest on its side.

The Fiddle Master can also be stood upright, like most traditional violin cases. Between the two vertical feet is the Fiddle Master logo embossed on the case, sporting two violin icons to trick casual passersby and prying eyes into thinking this is certainly not a firearm case.

The Fiddle Master is a surprisingly rigid, solid case. That's thanks to its rounded and bowed shell which, combined with its unusual and non-rectangular shape, gives it added support and resistance to flexing under load. The carry handle is adequately comfortable, with two swiveling steel pins affixing it to the bottom lid.

The lids contain a basic rubber O-ring to prevent moisture and rain or snow from penetrating the interior. Although it's not advertised as waterproof or submersible, the Fiddle Master is an appropriate candidate for an outdoor gun case in wet weather.

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